What is Zombs?
A half brained card game for people with whole brains about zombs who like to eat brains.

Where can I buy Zombs?
You can see the buying options by clicking here

How do I play Zombs?
Click here for the Rules. There is even a video explaining the rules. Or use your magical crystal ball to interpret the rules from the great beyond… Or if you bought the game, a set of rules are included there as well.

Who is Zombs for?

We recommend players be at least 12 or older, but really this is up to the consumer to decide if they feel our product and content is appropriate for themselves and their family.

Is there adult content in the game?
Mostly, no. There is no nudity, adult language, or innuendos. And we do not plan to add any of these to it, ever. There is, however, stylized/cartoon violence, and depictions of the undead. So while we think these things are okay for most children 12 and over, this is a decision that we encourage parents to make for their own children. If Zombs were a movie… then we would rate it PG-13.

Can I sell Zombs in my store?
Sure… Contact us here for details on how to do so.

How can I help you make Zombs better?
Buy the game, play the game, and offer suggestions here.

You guys should make some kind of Zombs Metroidvania type game, official Zombs plungers, and jalapeno popcorn?
That is not a question. You just put a question mark at the end of a sentence. But we’ll answer it: We’d love to. And we are looking into options on other things for us to produce. Once thing that is currently in the works is a graphic novel set in the Zombs universe. (and the plunger is featured in it, but not the popcorn)

Is there a graphics novel set in the zombs universe?
Did you read the previous question? Yes, there is one in the works…. You can see more details about it here.

Do you have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.
No, unless you count this one.

What is a unicorn doing in the game?
Being awesome!

I have a fear of unicorns, can you please remove the unicorn from the game?
Sorry, but no. Without the unicorn the entire franchise would crumble and burst into flames. Maybe we can put a warning on the box… We’ll check in with our legal team and see what they say.

Can I come over for dinner with you sometime?
Uhhh… We appreciate the enthusiasm, but we can’t have dinner with just anyone. Our wives don’t like having so many unexpected guests.

Who are you guys?
That’s not important.

No really, I want to know. Who are you guys?
Okay then. If you insist. We are just a couple of brainiacs who love making games, funny fiction, and other artsy stuff. Editor’s note: The creators are not brainiacs, and the stuff they make is not considered artsy.

Why did you make this?
We felt that the world was a completely hollow and depressing place because it didn’t have a humorous card game about the undead. So we wanted to make the world a better place. The jury is still out on whether or not we succeeded.

I am offended at ____ that you chose to include in Zombs.
That’s not a question. And you left out the thing that offended you.

What are you going to do about me being offended?
While we don’t set out to offend anyone with our twisted sense of humor, we’re sure that it will happen.

You didn’t answer my question.
That’s not a question.

Why didn’t you answer my question?
If you are offended, there’s nothing we can do. We make what we make, and if it offends you then, we’re sorry, but it is what it is.